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Independent Living Services Program

HCIL under contract with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC), is the provider of Independent Living Services for people with disabilities in the Texas Gulf Coast area.

Low-Tech Assistive Technology

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a significant disability per state definitions
  • Must be present in Texas

HCIL Office Staff Gather Infromation Related to:

  • The consumer’s perspective, abilities, resources, limitations, and other issues that impact his/her ability to function in the home, family and/or community
  • Goals for independence
  • Services considered to address independence goals
  • Existing services provider relationships 
  • Other considerations that will suport the eligibility decision

Information gathered will be documented in the confidential consumer service record.

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Mid-Tech Assistive Technology

 HCIL Office Staff Required to Collect the Following:

  • Household financial information
  • Consumer’s household size & adjusted gross income
  • Documentation for any allowable deductions
  • Consumer’s Participation Fee based upon federal guidelines and state contract requirements
  • Signed original Consumer Participation Agreement
  • Consumer Participation Fee paid
  • Medical Information as needed

Complex REHAB Technology includes:

  • Individualized rehabilitation technology
  • Prosthetics
  • Vehicle modifications 
  • Environmental control systems
  • Home modifications

Advanced-Tech Assistive Technology


Houston Center for Independent Living

11111 Wilcrest Green Dr
Suite 385
Houston, TX 77042

Voice/TTY:  (713) 974-4621

Videophone:  (346) 231-0641

Fax:  (713) 974-6927



Brazoria County Center for Independent Living

1104 East Mulberry, Suite D

Angleton, Texas 77515

Voice/TTY:  (979) 849-7060

Videophone:  (979) 583-2992

Fax:  (979) 849-8465



Edward Small

Independent Living Services (ILS) Program Director

Mario Lewis

Independent Living Services (ILS) Counselor Coordinator

Kenyata Golden

Independent Living Services (ILS) Counselor/Administrative Coordinator

Kyra Stewart

Independent Living Services (ILS) Counselor Coordinator

Erin Hostetter

Independent Living Services (ILS) Administrative Technician

Larissa Lanham

Independent Living Services (ILS) Counselor Coordinator

Walter Guandique

Independent Living Services (ILS) Counselor Coordinator