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Information & Referral

“My husband and I live in Austin County, and we need to get to a doctor’s appointment in Fort Bend County. Do you know of any transportation services that I can call?”

FBCIL staff can research and assist you in finding independent transportation services that you can use between the two counties.

Peer Support

“I have a physical disability and I find it difficult to make new friends. My parents say I need to find people my age to associate with. Do you know of any group activities I can join?”

FBCIL support from peers is vital for persons with disabilities to overcome the fears and challenges of participating in all aspects of the community by learning from shared experiences. Peer Support is one of the core services offered by FBCIL.

Individual & Systems Advocacy

“My husband & I are blind and when we went to get our marriage license it was clear that the employees had not received any disability awareness training. Who can I call?”

FBCIL staff will work side by side with you as you learn various aspects of self-advocacy and system advocacy.

Independent Living Skills Training

“I recently sustained a spinal cord injury and I need help with ideas of how I can accomplish my daily activities. Do you know where I can get help?”

FBCIL can assist you in accessing peer to peer workshops and professional partners to deal with real life situations such as: finance management, social-media security, and utilizing public transportation.

Transition Services

“Can FBCIL help my 20 year old who is deaf brainstorm about possible employment opportunities?”

Yes! FBCIL has specific staff dedicated to helping youth (14-24yrs old) with disabilities to decide if they want to enter post-secondary education or if they need help finding employment and integrating into the community.

Coordination of Services

“I am a young man with a cognitive disability. I am trying to learn how to manage my own life. Can you help me figure out where to begin?”

FBCIL staff has a large number of partner resources and we are constantly working with agencies and organizations in the community that can absolutely help you develop a solid network to achieve success. Some of our resource tools we use frequently include:

  • Rehabilitation Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Disability culture and awareness
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Leisure and recreation opportunity options


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