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Information & Referral

“I am needing resources with my electric bill. I can not pay it and my electricity is going to be cut off. Do you know where I might find some assistance in paying my electricity?”

BCCIL staff will help you learn who to call and what to ask.

“I have a child with disabilities, and I do not even know where to start looking for in-home services for them.”

BCCIL can provide you a list of phone numbers and teach you what to ask so your child can get on every waiting list there is available in the State of Texas.

Peer Support

“I have been diagnosed with severe depression and I live alone. I want to start being involved in some type of group. I am lonely.”

BCCIL has peer support groups, that involves individuals with similar experiences as you that can offer you encouragement. BCCIL also has staff that can assist you in sharing stories of encouragement and resources.

Individual & Systems Advocacy

“My son was denied Health Care services when he broke his hand, and he needed surgery what should I do to prevent this from happening to anybody else.”

BCCIL will help you advocate for your loved one. Knowledge is Power! BCCIL has resources to provide you that will help you learn the rights of your loved one.

Independent Living Skills Training

“My Father was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and he wants to live and stay in his own community. I still work and can not provide him the supervision and care that he needs. Can you help me?”

BCCIL can offer you resources and information that can assist you in getting care into his home.

Transition Services

“My son is graduating High School and he has a disability and can not stay alone while I am working. I do not know where to even start. I need resources for him.”
BCCIL can provide you with phone numbers and guidance on how to get your child on the waiting list for services. BCCIL hosts workshops and IL skills training classes to build the needed skills and dexterity to live in today’s society.  BCCIL also provides workshops on Independent Living Skills and builds upon their education in our office and the community. We provide workshops on money management, public transportation, Social Security, and Work Force Solutions.

Coordination of Services

BCCIL staff has acquired and maintains a list of resources to help our consumers make the most knowledgeable and best choices. BCCIL continuously is searching for more ways to help our consumers to fill their unmet needs that unfortunately still exist. BCCIL believes the philosophy of the “Independent Living Movement” and with the below listed resource tools BCCIL staff continue to provide services to individuals in need:
  • Rehabilitation Act
  • Technical Assistance
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Leisure and recreational opportunity options


Brazoria County Center for Independent Living

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Pamula Goodson

BCCIL Director, Programs & Services