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Information & Referral

“I’m looking for a place to live, once I’ve completed my stay at the rehab hospital. The doctor said I may also need some help with my personal care. Do you know where I might find accessible housing? Do you know where and how to find a personal assistant?”

HCIL staff will help you learn who to call and what to ask.

Peer Support

“I am visually impaired and it’s hard to meet people. I’m lonely and need to become involved in something.”

One of our greatest roles is sharing experiences and offering encouragement from someone who has been there. Support from peers can assist you as you explore integration into the community.

Individual & Systems Advocacy

“There is a class in bookkeeping I’m interested in taking at a nearby business college, but there is no elevator to the top floor where the class is being offered. I am a wheelchair user… what should I do?”

It is important to know your rights and advocate for them.

HCIL staff will work with you to make sure you have that knowledge. Self advocacy is the best advocacy of all.

Independent Living Skills Training

“I will be getting out of the hospital soon and will be doing things around the house differently than before my disability. Who can help me with some ideas?”

Information from professionals is one thing but applying it to real life is another. HCIL offers information and workshops on topics such as financial and money management skills, personal attendant management, using public transportation systems, social security do’s and don’ts, adaptations to the home, and much more.

Transition Services

“I wanted to get more education and experience after high school. I just got my GED! My Independent Living counselor helped me understand my disability is my strength instead of a hardship.”

Youth Transition Services at HCIL provides supports and continuity of services as adolescents move into adulthood. CIL Staff work with Youth on planning for postsecondary education, careers, health care, financial benefits, housing, and more. Services are provided to youth from ages 14 or 16 to ages 25 or 30 across both child and adult service systems.

Coordination of Services

“I have been given a lot of information about benefits and services so that I can live independently, but can someone help me put the pieces of the puzzle together?”

While CIL staff maintains an entire data base of resource information to provide consumers the most choices, we are continuously looking for ways to fill the unmet needs that still exist. These are just a few of the resource tools available to CIL staff:

  • Rehabilitation Act
  • Technical assistance
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Disability culture and awareness
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Leisure and recreation opportunity options


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