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Susan Lindsey, Board Member

My name is Susan Lindsey. I currently serve as the Regional Director for the Gulf Coast Region Five for the Texas Work Commission- Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the State of Texas. I lead high performing teams to successfully contribute to enhancing lives for People with Disabilities. I am creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated. I have proven ability to develop productive relationships with management and staff at all levels of the organizational structure.

I am delighted to be a part of the Coalition for Barrier Free Living Board. Before coming to my regional director position, I served as the VR Manager for the Gulf Coast South Management Unit, with seven VR office locations under three workforce Board contractors. I hope to share the leadership skills I learned with CBFL.

I also bring to the CBFL Board skills and knowledge in working for Persons with Disabilities which include data interpretation and use of lead measures for complex problem solving; Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) Practitioner; Remote management expertise; Managing multiple generations in a culturally diverse environment. I can provide leadership suggestions on client service delivery. I managed ILS caseloads in the past when the state VR housed the program. I also have firsthand knowledge from people with disabilities that have participated in services through HCIL.

I am passionate about serving People with Disabilities. I feel social services programs are generally too difficult to access and often have barriers to service delivery. I am hopeful we can support our programs to streamline processes and serve as many people as possible. People with Disabilities need us.

My family moved from Memphis, Tennessee to Houston in the 1960’s when my father came to work with NASA Manned Spaceflight program. My hobbies include human interest photography, beachcombing, and church activities.