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CBFL Houston Center for Independent Living Stepping Stones to Computer Skills Ditch the tech-phobia, embrace the tech-topia! HCIL's Basic Computer Class is your friendly guide to digital adventures. No matter your skill level, join us on a journey to unlock the amazing world of computers. We'll make it fun, accessible, and empowering for everyone! What you'll learn: * Master the Mouse: Click, scroll, and navigate with confidence. * Keyboarding Like A Pro: Learn the keys and type away your worries (or to-do list!). * Internet Essentials: Explore the web safely and discover its endless possibilities. * Emailing Made Easy: Connect with friends, family, and even future employers! * Basic Programs: Dive into word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. * Assistive Technology: Discover tools that make computers even more accessible and personalized. Make new friends, share laughter, and conquer your tech fears in a supportive and encouraging environment. No prior experience is needed! Just bring your curiosity and a smile. Classes are on Tuesdays, starting January 16th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Limited spots are available! Register now at or call 713- 974-4621. Unleash your digital superpower!