HCIL under contract with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC), is the provider of Independent Living Services for people with disabilities in the Texas Gulf Coast area.

Low-Tech Assistive Technology

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a significant disability per state definitions
  • Must be present in Texas

HCIL Office Staff Gather Infromation Related to:

  • The consumer's perspective, abilities, resources, limitations, and other issues that impact his/her ability to function in the home, family and/or community
  • Goals for independence
  • Services considered to address independence goals
  • Existing services provider relationships 
  • Other considerations that will suport the eligibility decision

Information gathered will be documented in the confidential consumer service record.

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Mid-Tech Assistive Technology

 HCIL Office Staff Required to Collect the Following:

  • Household financial information
  • Consumer's household size & adjusted gross income
  • Documentation for any allowable deductions
  • Consumer's Participation Fee based upon federal guidelines and state contract requirements
  • Signed original Consumer Participation Agreement
  • Consumer Participation Fee paid
  • Medical Information as needed

Complex REHAB Technology includes:

  • Individualized rehabilitation technology
  • Prosthetics
  • Vehicle modifications 
  • Environmental control systems
  • Home modifications

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Advanced-Tech Assistive Technology

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