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Independent Living Services (ILS) Counselor Coordinator (Brazoria County Location)

POSITION TITLE:  Independent Living Services (ILS) Counselor Coordinator



SUPERVISOR:  ILS Program Director

POSITION SUMMARY: The ILS Counselor Coordinator performs work in support of the mission, goals and values of the Coalition for Barrier Free Living/Houston Center for Independent Living, and applies critical thinking skills and sound decision making in performance of services related to independent living services in the following area: Independent Living Services (ILS) is performed using the required CIL’s ILS case management system. The ILS Counselor Coordinator is hired by the ILS Project Director and works independently, with moderate supervision by the Project Director. The ILS Counselor Coordinator will require substantial coaching and mentoring during the ILS program’s transition period from DARS to Texas Centers for Independent Living (CILs).

Work performed supports Independent Living outcomes for people with disabilities by:

  • Collecting and analyzing all information necessary to make an accurate eligibility decision (e.g. identification, medical records, school records, employment records, etc.);
  • Utilizing a consumer-driven approach in development of Independent Living goals;
  • Working collaboratively with the consumer to develop a plan of services designed to achieve the consumer’s identified goals;
  • Developing and maintaining relations with consumers, vendors, third-party resources and community referral sources;
  • Ensuring timely, cost-effective provision of services and consumer progress toward achievement of their goal;
  • Developing and implementing a process leading to successful planned outcome. The ILS Counselor Coordinator applies best value purchasing practices and uses comparable benefits and services to ensure effective use of ILS funds. During the first year of employment, the ILS Counselor Coordinator participates in a number of mandatory training and staff development activities. Performs other duties as assigned and required to meet the mission and goals of the CIL’s ILS program.


  1. Attends work on a regular and predictable schedule in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned.
  2. Must be able to independently travel throughout HHSC Region 6 Gulf Coast Counties.
  3. Conducts interviews and collects documentation to accurately determine and document eligibility for ILS services.
  4. Provides counseling and guidance to support consumer-directed service delivery process.
  5. Accurately performs data entry and maintains consumer files.
  6. Supports the consumer through the assessment and planning process to identify goals and services.
  7. Provides reasonable and necessary planned services and appropriately closes cases, or transitions cases to other programs.
  8. Arranges for professional assessments to identify specific training and technologies.
  9. Accurately determines and documents significance of consumer’s disability to planned services and technologies.
  10. Contributes to the success of the organization by meeting individual performance goals, and establishing and maintaining productive relationships with vendors and organizations, as applicable.
  11. Applies sound decision making and best value purchasing principles to consumer purchases.
  12. Serves as a team leader to technicians and/or other staff working together toward a common goal.


  1. Ability to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to barriers encountered throughout the service coordination process.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
  3. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  4. Ability to plan, organize and achieve goals.
  5. Ability to understand and apply policies and procedures.
  6. Ability to conduct consumer interviews, service planning and documentation.
  7. Ability to apply the Independent Living Philosophy.
  8. Ability to use telephones, computers, office equipment and communications technologies.
  9. Knowledge of assistive technology for people with disabilities.
  10. Knowledge of available community resources and comparable benefits.


Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in social work, rehabilitation, or a related field with two years experience in Independent Living services for individuals who have a significant disability in the areas of peer-to-peer counseling, education or human services. Applicants hired without these credentials will be required to meet standards within the timeframe agreed to at employment.


  • Extensive knowledge and experience with services, training and technologies available to individuals who are either (a) blind or visually impaired or (b) deaf and/or deaf-blind.
  • Knowledge of aspects of deaf culture and/or
  • Knowledge of aspects of blind and visual disability culture.
  • Ability to communicate in a conversational mode utilizing various forms of manual communication (American Sign Language (ASL), Pidgin Sign English (PSE), English).