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Gilbert Paul, Board Member

My name is Gilbert Paul, I was born in New Gulf, Texas and raised in West Columbia, Texas. I am a retired heavy equipment operator from Conoco Phillips Petroleum Company. I worked there for 30 years. I had a brain aneurism in 1998 and I reached out to the Brazoria County Center for Independent Living for resources for a Person with a Disability. Most of my adult life has been devoted to serving Persons with Disabilities. I have been a devoted advocate, representing the CBFL on a national, state and local level. My advocacy skills have been utilized and benefitted Persons with Disabilities across the country. I am a graduate of the Daniel Hopkins Leadership Academy. I have traveled to Washington D.C., Utah, Austin and Massachusetts. My contributions have helped to write policies for persons with disabilities.

I am a single adult with two adult children and three grandchildren.

My hobbies are fishing, barbecuing, and listening to all types of music.

The scripture that I live by is from Isaiah 40:31 ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew thy strength’.