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HCIL’S LUNCH & LEARN: Navigating Social Security Disability Benefits

CBFL Presents…

Join us for a delicious lunch and informative discussion with the Social Security Administration.

This month: Navigating Social Security Disability Benefits Empower Yourself with Knowledge on Social Security Disability Benefits

Whether you’re considering applying for Social Security Disability Benefits, have an ongoing application, or have been denied benefits in the past, this informative session is for you.

Our guest speaker from the Social Security Administration will provide a comprehensive overview of the program, guiding you through:

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to:
*Eligibility requirements: Learn the criteria to receive Social Security Disability Benefits.
*The application process: Gain a clear understanding of the steps involved in applying for benefits.
*Denials and appeals: If your application is denied, you have the right to appeal. We’ll discuss the appeals process and how to navigate it effectively.
*Your rights throughout the process: Know your rights and ensure you are treated fairly throughout your interactions with the Social Security Administration.

For more information or to register, please call 713-974-4621 or visit our website
In collaboration with: Social Security Administration