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“Crystal Loves Texas” Podcast – Empowering Others!

“Crystal Loves Texas” Podcast

Empowering Others Empowers Us All!

Coalition For Barrier Free Living

Hey FB family!
On tonight’s episode of my “Crystal Loves Texas” podcast, we’ll continue to meet staff and consumers of the Coalition for Barrier Free Living (CBFL) including Pamela Clark, Kenneth “KJ” Rabe, Gretchen Stockstill, Anabel Rios, Pamela Goodson, and Jacqueline McFarlane, and learn about the many services offered by this multi-faceted non-profit organization. Be prepared to ask questions and have them answered by these professionals whose sole purpose is to empower ALL Texans in the Houston and Southeast Texas Area regardless of physical limitations! Please SHARE this post with anyone who may need tips on overcoming barriers or limitations in any public or private space or facility!