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John Weber is the CBFL accountant in charge of the accounts receivable and payable, and he is very good at preparing our payroll. Since his hiring over some twelve years ago, he has been an excellent teammate and he helps to create a positive work environment. He is an good coworker that seeks to understand that everyone comes from different perspective and they have their own point of view.

He has learned to embrace differences and welcomes everyone no matter what their opinions and beliefs are. He is adaptable and able to adjust when circumstances shift, he makes it possible to work towards the company’s goals when sudden changes happen.

He has very good knowledge of accounting practices, is personable, friendly, and open to employee and colleagues. The staff members appear to enjoy working with John because of his willingness to cooperate and work hard on projects affecting them. He does not get upset with the employees. He is even tempered. He is very proficient in the accounting software and has the ability to prepare understandable financial reports. He is a coworker who pays attention to his employees and shows that he is fully listening, and he cares about them and demonstrates to them that what they’re saying is valuable.